£500,000 worth of scrap metal has been stolen from Tata steelworks in Scunthrope, highlighting the need for high security fencing.

It is believed that the steel works were raided on a number of separate occasions because of the collective weight of the metal, some 141 tonnes, would have been impossible to take in one go, reported This is Scunthorpe.

The theft of the iron cast staves comes on the back of Tata Steel announcing that it would be investing £500,000 in improving security at this 2,000 acre site.

Speaking to the newspaper, Sean Lyons, site director, said: "Thefts on the Scunthorpe steelworks have a major impact on our business. Every month we carry out thousands of checks on vehicles entering and exiting our site, and we're looking at ways to further enhance site security."
He explained that some of these improvements would include dog patrols which are already in action, the introduction of manned barriers and automatic number plate recognition.
It is suggested that there has been an increase in the theft of scrap metal since it reached a price of £190 a tonne on the open market.

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