Security bollards have been put up around a harbour wall close to collapse in Bridport, to stop vehicles parking on it and forcing it to fall away.

The historic, Grade II-listed wall in West Bay – which surrounds the deep water berth used by commercial vessels – was found by engineers to have cracks over 3m wide and erosion at its base, the Bridport News reports.

A report on its condition said it was "on the point of collapse", the newspaper said.

Now West Dorset District Council must decide whether to repair the wall, demolish it, or leave it in its precarious state. Strengthening the structure will cost close to £850,000.

Leaving the wall in its current state would mean having to install measures to block pedestrian access, with the newspaper quoting the report as saying: "This option would leave the council open to criticism and possible claims or legal action. There would be a high risk of needing to carry out expensive, emergency works."

On Boxing Day several people took part in the West Bay swim, jumping into the icy harbour.