Security bollards will be going up a site used illegally by travellers now that a new £1 million official site has opened in Holbeach.

Although development of the site was completed eight months ago, a dispute over the price of the land between Lincolnshire County Council and South Holland District Council has left it vacant, reported the Spalding Guardian.

The conflict has yet to be resolved but the site is now officially open to travellers.

Anita Brennan, head of housing for the district council, said: "The travellers were keen to move on to the new site and are very pleased with the facilities there."

With no one now living on the Cranmore Lane site, the council has made every effort to limit the possibility of it being occupied.

Ahead of the erection of security bollards, heavy duty shipping containers have been added to block entry to the land.

Those wishing to live on the new site must apply for a licence.

Security bollards are wanted in Peterborough to stop travellers using a football pitch as a camping site.

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