Security bollards are to go up around a street in Preston to put an end to reckless drivers who have taken to mounting the kerb to avoid speed bumps.

Two speed bumps were put up on the narrow street on Daisy Lane as traffic calming measures. A 20 mph zone was also enforced, reported Lancashire Evening Post.

However, cavalier drivers have decided that driving inches away from driveways is preferable to going over the inconvenient speed bumps.

Neighbours fear that without the security bollards in place it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.

Speaking to the newspaper, Mary O'Rourke, who has lived on the road for 26, years, said: "Cars come over on the footpath and it is quite regular. With the speed some of them come I hope there are no children around.

"It is very dangerous especially because there are quite a lot of children in Daisy Lane."

In response to the concerns, Lancashire County Council has said it will install up to four new security bollards beside the speed bumps next month.

Increases to pay and display ticket parking charges in Cambridgeshire will go towards paying for new security bollards.

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