Security bollards should be installed outside a cafe in Northampton to prevent further crashes happening, its owner has said.

Wolfie's Cafe has been hit four times in the past ten years, the Northampton Chronicle & Echo reports.

Owner Kelly Riley said it was lucky her staff were not present when the latest incident happened, on Saturday at 23:15.

"We've been looking into something like this for a long time. It has happened so many times, how many more times does it happen before something gets done?" she told the newspaper.

Councillor Penny Flavell told the newspaper she backed the safety measure.

"I would support the installation of bollards. I think it is a difficult junction for cars to navigate and anything that will help stop cars from crashing into the cafe needs to be looked at."

Recently, two next-door neighbours in a Warwickshire installed security bollards after having their cars stolen within two weeks of each other.