Security bollards are viewed as the perfect solution to stop travellers from setting up camp on a football pitch in Peterborough.

Councillors are angry that travellers in caravans are using the football pitch as a camping site and have asked Peterborough Council to put up some type of barrier to prevent this from happening again, reported the Evening Telegraph.

Two types of security bollards have been suggested: permanent ones that will prevent caravans from accessing the pitch and a moveable one to allow access for a lawnmower to keep the pitch in pristine condition.

John Fox, councillor for Werrington North, said that the situation had become "diabolical" as a request for improved security a year ago was not considered a priority.

Speaking to the newspaper, he said: "Well what a surprise, they are now back. The taxpayers are frustrated up to their eyeballs. It is in the middle of a football field, for crying out loud."

Luckily for the local football team the season is over so no matches have been affected by the travellers.

Elsewhere, security fencing is to go up around a football pitch in Worchester to prevent a similar incident from occurring. Unwanted travellers have been setting up camp and unloading their unwanted rubbish onto the field.

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