Security bollards would have prevented travellers from setting up camp next to Colchester's community stadium, which is usually illegal.

Police are unable to move the travellers on as an order preventing use of the land expired six months ago, reported the Daily Gazette.

Moreover, it is the only section of the council-owned land that has no security bollards in place to prevent illegal settlements.

Gerard Oxford, ward member for High Woods, said that he had received calls from angry residents who couldn't believe that the order had been allowed to run out.

He told the newspaper: "The travellers are au fait with how the system works.

"I don't know how the order was allowed to expire. Our experiences with the illegal occupation that have taken part in the past years have been bad."

A spokesman for Essex police said that they had no evidence of any offences being caused by the travellers.

In a similar story, extra security bollards are wanted in Kidderminster to stop unwanted travellers from abusing a top beauty spot.

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