Improving security fencing on one side of a track and closing off the other side with security bollards is an idea put forward by councillors to tackle a bothersome track around a village green.

The track around Roydon's village green has been problematic for a long time now, especially with vehicles "chewing up" parts of it as well as knocking down fences, reported the Mercury.

Whereas some councillors see any kind of action as self-defeating, Heather Nicholls, chairmen of the council, believes that security bollards on one end will preserve the track, while security fencing on the other side would limit space and "discourage lorry drivers" from using it.

However, in such tough economic times, the cost of this development is seen as a bad investment.

Councillor Collin Mould told the newspaper: "It’s silly to try to stop them; we should accept they come here. It will cost a fortune and we’re not going to stop them. Bring the fence in slightly so they don’t hit it."

His point holds authority given the fact that the council spent £1,600 resurfacing the track last year only for it to be torn up a few weeks later.

Extra security bollards are wanted at a Kidderminster beauty spot to stop travellers from abusing the area.

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