Security fencing is to go up around a football field to stop unwanted travellers from setting up camp and dumping their trash on the pitches in Worchester.

A trench has already been dug around the pitch, which is home to the Worchester Raiders, and a "steel height limiter" erected at the entrance, reported the Worchester News.

It is clear that once the inner security fencing goes up, the preservation of the pitch will be even securer, as at present, travellers have already struggled to get in.

Steve Sparkes, Spa Eagles manager and groundsman, told the newspaper that he had received the backing of senior police officers.

He said: "We got an assurance that if something happens again they’ll stop them."

The grass is now growing back on the field and the team hope it will be ready for the friendly games in August ahead of the new season.

Security fencing was recently erected around the pitch of a junior football club in Sheffield to keep dog walkers off the field because they were allowing their pets to foul.

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