Perimeter security fencing is part of improvements that are "changing the face" at a once-failing school in Hemel Hempstead.

Brockswood Primary School has benefitted from a significant cash investment and a new team of staff, reports.

Last year, the school failed to meet minimum SATS results standards and was told it was "inadequate" by Ofsted following a recent inspection.

The perimeter fencing and metal gates have secured the school grounds, while a new library, gym and IT centre have all been welcomed.

Additionally, teachers from a "high-achieving" school were brought in to pass on guidance and a new deputy headteacher, Jenny Sherry, has joined.

"A lot of money, time, energy and passion is being put into changing the whole face of the school and we're very proud of what we've achieved so far," she told the news provider.

"Knowing that the adults around them take pride in their school is very encouraging for children."

Last month, a Bradford primary school said it planned to install security fencing to protect children, after receiving advice from Ofsted.