A building that was being considered by English Heritage for "protected status" has been demolished by developers.

The Powerhouse in Ashwood Dale, which was built in 1909, was knocked down by Express Park Buxton Ltd which considered it a safety risk to the public – especially trespassers – reported the Buxton Advertiser.

However, according to one local councillor, security fencing would have provided more than adequate protection for both the building and people.

Speaking to the newspaper, a spokesperson for English Heritage said that it was "profoundly disappointed and saddened" by the demolition of the historic building known for its Egyptian design.

They told the newspaper: "English Heritage had received repeated assurances that it was not the intention of the landowner to demolish any of the nationally important buildings prior to determination of the planning application."

English Heritage is now reviewing the legal and procedural implications of the case as "this type of pre-emptive action" could have profound implications on the future of England's heritage.

The older a building is the more likely it is to be listed. Listing exists by way of preserving history by marking and celebrating a "building's special architectural and historic interest".

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