Security fencing will be attached to a cliff face in Guernsey to stop falling rocks, it has been reported.

The fencing will cover the face of the inland-facing side of the site at La Valette on the island, the BBC said.

Work on the safety measure is due to start next week, on Monday February 21st, installing fencing over a 35m stretch of the cliff.

It is expected to last to take about six weeks. The road around the cliff will remain closed during this time.

It will mean local attractions like an aquarium, museum and swimming pools will only be accessible by pedestrians.

Some 30 miles of the coast of France and 75 miles south of Weymouth, Guernsey is in the Gulf of St Malo.

It has a population of nearly 60,000 and measures approximately 24 sq miles. It is known for its scenery and range of walking routes.