Residents living in a North Yorkshire town which had become a "hotspot" for anti-social behaviour have credited a raft of measures, including the introduction of security fencing, in helping to combat the problem.

According to the Press, Barlby, which is close to Selby, was named as a problem area for nuisance behaviour at a community engagement meeting earlier this year.

The Eastern Community Engagement Forum (CEF), managed by Selby District Council, agreed to work on ways to combat problems around the town's Pear Tree Close and Riverside Close.

Alongside the development of new security fencing, police patrols were stepped-up, residents were notified via letters, a community tree-planting project was started and warning signs were erected.

"We have already seen a drop in calls to the service about the issues in this area, suggesting that these actions are already having an impact," inspector Richard Abbott, of North Yorkshire Police, told the newspaper.

Barlby was in the news last month when it was reported that residents complained about noise from its primary school's playground.