Security fencing has gone up at a popular beauty spot as part of a wider regeneration of the area.

The security fencing at the Canvey beauty spot is part of a wider effort from Canvey Town Council to restore and improve the lake and its surrounding parkland, reported the Echo.

Currently focusing on Denham Road carpark, damaged pine trees have been chopped down to improve the view and the lake is set to be dredged to make it more hospitable for wildlife.

However, this has not stopped people from continuing to fly tip in the area, which has dumbfounded one councillor.

John Anderson, chairman of the council, said he was "at a loss" as to why people were dumping their rubbish in this area.

He told the newspaper: "It seems to be people using it as a tip; it’s a very strange phenomenon. Even when they were clearing the lake out, the next morning when they got back, they found stuff had been thrown back in it again."

Sky News reported recently that fly-tipping was on the rise because of dramatic price increases in disposing of certain types of "bulky" waste.

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