Security fencing has been erected at a carpark next to a soon-to-be demolished swimming pool after motorists were fined for parking their cars as normal.

Signs and notices informing motorists that the carpark was off-limits during the demolition had been blown away or turned around by the recent heavy winds so that unsuspecting motorists assumed the carpark was open for business as usual, reported the Echo.

Surprised car owners returned to find that they had been given tickets, which the council has said they will not revoke.

Marjorie Hayes and her husband Rod were one of the motorists to receive a ticket.

She told the newspaper that there was nothing there to stop them parking – no signs and no security fencing.

She said: "There was no way we could have known. The wardens were like sharks. There were loads of them, trying to give everyone a ticket."

There are still concerns that other motorists will fall into a similar trap as only half of the car park has been fenced off with other spaces still, to all intents, accessible by drivers wanting to park their cars.

A local businessman in Lancashire faced a similar issue relating to the absence of security fencing.

Tommy Shorrock was "forced" to put up the fence at the site of a burnt-out factory to stop children from playing around the health hazard.

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