A family in Biddulph, Staffordshire, have fitted security fencing to the property adjoining their own in a bid to prevent vandals from targeting it.

According to a report from This is Staffordshire, the family spent hundreds of pounds on improving security around the derelict property after it was targeted by vandals and arsonists.

Jayne Fairhurst, aged 42, said: "It's just got worse and worse over the years.

"People have broken into it, and I once saw someone coming out with a water tank.

"I was in the garden and bricks starting coming over the fence after someone had broken into it."

Ms Fairhurst and her husband Neil were concerned that the vandals would lower the value of their own home, however, they hope that the security fencing will help address the problems.

The local council told the news provider that its hands are tied until it determines who the owner of the property is.

Earlier this week, it was reported by the Echo that members of an allotment in Southend have appealed for funding to install security fencing to help tackle anti-social behaviour on the plots of land.