Security fencing needs to be improved at an unsupervised site in Brackley that is holding extremely dangerous chemicals.

A resident raised the alarm over poor and damaged security when he noticed that containers were leaking dangerous substances and that existing security fencing was damaged, reported the Advertiser.

Michael Langlois, himself a former general manager in the petro-chemicals agency, contacted the Environment Agency because he believed the risk for serious harm is very likely if security is not only improved but the chemicals removed.

The empty industrial unit currently houses both plastic containers and metal barriers that contain hazardous waste like sulphuric acid, white spirits, and methylene chloride, all which pose serious health risks if handled inappropriately.

Speaking to the newspaper, Mr Langlois said: "I made it abundantly clear that the residents will not sit by quietly and are demanding to know why action was not taken sooner."

Though recognising the need for the chemicals to be cleared, officials from the Environment Agency played down the remarks from Mr Langlois by stating that its assessment of the site left it with the conclusion that it currently didn't pose a problem.

Absorbent security fencing was erected in Louisiana to protect the coastline from the oil spill caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion last year.

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