Security fencing is set to be toughened as part of a series of measures being considered to stop off-road motorcyclists from destroying a nature reserve on Canvey Island.

Vulnerable points have been identified in the fencing at the Canvey Wick wildlife reserve, which when improved, along with new cameras and posters warning of punishments for trespassing, should lead to improved security.

Designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of the abundance of insects in the area, the reserve has not only been spoiled by off-roaders, but also by walkers and horse riders, reported The Echo.

The measures are part of a collective effort of Essex County Council, Castle Point Council and various conservation groups to put finally put an end to the mistreatment of the special habitat.

Speaking to the newspaper, Pam Challis, leader of Castle Point Council, said: "This year we’ve decided to get tough. Groups have been identified and warnings issued. The police have the power to confiscate and crush bikes if illegal activity continues after warnings have been issued, and this is what the police will do."

Canvey Wick has more rare wildlife than any other part of the country and was featured on a show BBC nature programme with Alan Tichmarsh.

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