Simon Cowell is to increase his security at his LA home with high security fencing, security gates and lighting, after revealing that he receives up to 500 "hate-filled" emails a week, some of which include death threats.

The extra security measures will go up around his £13 million home in Beverly Hills, reported the Daily Star.

The "beefed-up" security will go some way in allaying the worries of the multimillionaire music mogul, whose often frank and direct replies have led to him being dubbed "Mr Nasty".

Speaking to the tabloid newspaper, Cowell, 51, said: “People want to kill me. It’s serious and we have a lot of security now for that reason. My bosses told me they have been shown e-mails threatening my life. They said one man wanted to stab me. It sent a chill down me but I’m used to it."

In the interview he also revealed his concerns over security during the X Factor audition period, which, in the past, has led to some contestants attempting to attack him.

The importance of effective security fencing in protecting the safety of public figures was shown recently at the hearing of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Temporary security fencing was able contain eager media personnel from hording and harassing the controversial figure.

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