Thieves have stolen some sports fencing from a Welsh football club, which could cost them their dreams of promotion.

Sports fencing is part of the requirements for being in the Welsh Amateur League, reported Wales Online.

But the future of Cardiff Hibernian's big league aspirations hangs in the balance as they try to find a way of raising the capital needed to repair the fencing before the cut-off date.

Pete Sullivan, chairman of Ely Garden Villagers, whose wife is secretary of the football club, told the online news provider: "We found they’d taken some of the pitch barrier and have taken the pins out ready to come back and take more. We haven’t even finished paying for the fence yet. We’ve got to raise £1,000. It’s going to cost at least £500 to replace what was stolen."
In the meantime, the football club have yet to hear back from the Welsh Football Association, whom they hope will be sympathetic to their plight.

Last year, Strathspey Thistle Football Club was told that they would not be able to join the Scottish Football Association without regulation security fencing.

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