Staffordshire County Council has spent nearly £40,000 on a range of new spherical security bollards.

The local authority forked out £587 for each of the 68 bollards to protect its new headquarters from terrorist attacks and ram raids, reports the Staffordshire Newsletter.

The security measures are installed outside the council's new Tipping Street development as part of a £38 million redevelopment project.

County councillor Mark Winnington, the cabinet member for environment and assets told the Newsletter: "All office and retail buildings must have such measures in place.

"We worked closely with Staffordshire Police's architectural liaison officer when deciding the style and quantity of the bollards we would need to protect the buildings."

The council came under criticism for spending such a large amount of money on the security measures at a time of wide-reaching public sector cuts and job losses.

Tom Harris, Stafford borough councillor for Forebridge, the expensive security bollards are a sign of just how much council officials are out of touch with the sentiments of local residents.

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