Steel fencing is at the centre of a disagreement between the council and local residents in East Riding.

East Riding Council believes that the steel fencing, which has yet to be constructed, will improve the security of a nearby school, reported Pocklington Post.

But on the other side, residents say that the green steel fencing will make the area look like a prison and ruin the view.

Furthermore, they have expressed concerns about the cost of the fence and the impact it may have on the value of nearby properties along Princess Road.

The planning officer said that the application for the steel fencing fitted in with guidelines proposed by Ofsted.

They told the newspaper: "In response to the concerns raised, the proposed fence is required for the safety and security of the pupils and general public. It will be more robust and durable in terms of its finish and materials."

Security fencing has been erected an area of land near a school to keep children safe when out and about in the natural world. The school in Suffolk wants to become a forest school.

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