Steel fencing might prove a better alternative to razor wire fencing for tenants at Reading Road allotments in Woodley.

Allotment holders had wanted to put up the razor wire fencing as they have become increasingly frustrated and angered by a recent spate of attacks that have resulted in £4,000 worth of damage, reported the Wokingham Times.

However, Woodley Town Council has told the keen gardeners that razor wire is not a suitable option as it would leave them open to personal injury claims.

Beth Rowland, councillor and leader of Woodley Town Council, said: "They wanted to put razor wire up, but the town council is a public body and there is no way we could take that sort of action, however effective they thought it would be.

"We are looking at all the fencing and there are some areas where it is not as good as it could be."

Other suggestions put forward by the annoyed gardens were site patrols and the planting of a prickly species of bushes around areas that were repeatedly targeted by vandals.

Security fencing is going up at an allotment in Kingsley after the local allotment received a generous grant from the national lottery.

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