Steel fencing might be the perfect solution for a sporting club that has been repeatedly vandalised and broken into in South Tyneside.

The latest attack on Jarrow Roofing FC saw vandals set fire to the timber fencing situated on one corner of the complex, reported the Shields Gazette.

Over the last two months locks have been broken and damaged repeatedly by gangs.

Richie McLoughlin, chairman of Boldon Community Association Sporting Club, told the newspaper: "We’ve noticed that in the last couple of months we have been facing increasing trouble from local youths running amok, drinking, breaking locks and other things. They have just been creating havoc, and it’s getting out of control."

He is now looking at ways of securing funding to improve security at the complex, including the addition of security cameras and an electric roller shutter.

A security fence was recently erected at a junior football club to keep off dog-owners who were allowing their pets to foul on the pitches.

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