Sound proof fencing will be installed to limit noise when a new Tesco store in Pembury is built.

The supermarket giant has had its plans to demolish the existing store and build one close to three times as big in its place approved, reports.

While there were some concerns from residents living nearby over noise and traffic, acoustic fencing will surround the 5,539sqm "eco" store, which will feature a flat roof with a glass and timber exterior.

Tunbridge Wells Borough Council's planning committees approved the plans on Wednesday.

"This development will not harm the town centre," Miles Young, a planning consultant at Tesco, told the news provider.

"This is an important investment to the local economy."

This month, a condition of retailer Booths' plan to build a new store in Milnthorpe was that sound proof fencing should be installed around the delivery area, to reduce the noise from goods trucks.