Scottish Borders Council has deliberated over a number of temporary fencing solutions when considering how to enforce public safety on an ancient bridge.

Large Heras-style fencing barriers went up on either end of the old Tweed Bridge between Lindean and Boleside, reported the Selkirk Weekend Advertiser.

The 100-year-old structure is now closed to all users, including motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Gordon Edgar, chairman of Selkirk Community Council, criticised the way in which the authorities went about the closure.

Mr Edgar, who also organises the Selkirk Rally, said that the closure would cause a "major headache" if it continued. No date has been given for when the bridge will be reopened.

He told the newspaper: "The area on the rink side of the bridge is a designated parking area for hundreds of cars bringing visitors to the rally from the north. They then walk across the bridge to the main site. It is the bridge that makes it a suitable parking area."

Others expressed dismay about the lack of information concerning the closure and the lack of signage informing users that the bridge had been closed off.

Local councillors recently raised concerns about a pedestrian guardrail at a bridge in Cumbernauld, Scotland, claiming that it was too low and possibly dangerous, reported the Cumbernauld News.

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