The media scrum witnessed outside Woolwich Crown Court ahead of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's extradition hearing has been contained with the help of temporary security fencing.

According to the Carrick Gazette, more than 100 cameramen and photographers were held behind the metal high security fencing as police and security guards patrolled the area.

The queue of people waiting to enter the court was more than 100m long, but all the media seats in the courtroom were taken by journalists many weeks ago.

A number of celebrity supporters of Mr Assange, including Bianca Jagger and Jemima Khan, were allowed through the security fencing by police, having their baggage scanned by on-site security experts, the paper stated.

Mr Assange attended court in a grey hooded duffel coat and was flanked by a number of lawyers.

The controversial figure waved to crowds gathered outside the court before entering.

Mr Assange, who is behind the leaking of thousands of diplomatic documents, is fighting to avoid extradition to Sweden following allegations of rape.ADNFCR-3337-ID-800389320-ADNFCR