Images of the Thames Estuary 'Boris Island' airport have unveiled of what the facility would look like should it be given the go-ahead.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has advocated the creation of a new airport to reduce the environmental impact of Heathrow Airport. The UK's biggest airport has been earmarked for further expansion but has faced opposition from local residents who believe that the increase in traffic could affect the environment.

The Boris Island project would contain six runways and allow three or four aircraft to operate at the same time, 24 hours a day and in any weather conditions. The overall cost of the development is estimated at £47.3 billion which could be offset against the development gain from the release of Heathrow which is believed to be around £47 billion.

Officials at The Thames Estuary Research and Development Company (Testrad) have given their backing to the plans and said that the island scheme would help to avoid the issues that come with a land-based airport. There is the question of logistics which would mean that passengers would have to travel to a 'logistics dock' then travel across the North Sea to the London Britannia airport.

Mr Johnson added: "This is further welcome argument in favour of the feasibility of having a new hub airport in the Thames estuary.

"With so many options available for a multi-runway hub airport in a new location, it would be folly for the Airports Commission to give countenance to the prospect of expanding Heathrow, the most noise-polluting airport in Europe.”

The mayor of London wants the UK to compete with the likes of Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Charles de Gaulle when it comes to having an aviation hub. Despite a possible expansion of Heathrow, Mr Johnson believes that this would be the most viable option.

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