Thieves have stolen steel nuts from metal railings, highlighting the importance of having properly secured railings.

The river railings in Bewdley were left unsecure and could have led to tragedy as the nuts came from the footings holding them in place, reported the Shuttle.

Police luckily recovered 900 of the steel nuts, which were found discarded in a yellow sack.

Worcestershire Country Council estimates that it will take up to two days to replace the bolts on the metal railings, which provide a vital safety barrier to the community.

Chris Aimes, local policing sergeant for Bewdley, told the newspaper: "The theft of these nuts was highly irresponsible and could have had tragic consequences.

"If people had leaned on the insecure railings they could have topped into the river ten to 12 feet below."

Police believe that the bag of bolts, which was too heavy for one man alone to carry, may have been sold on for scrap value.

The demand for metal is being blamed for the upsurge of thefts across the Dungannon area in County Tyrone.

The street value for metal is extremely high making it an enterprising venture for criminals.

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