Money generated from increases in pay and display parking charges will go towards replacing security bollards and ticket machines.

Cambridgeshire County Council has also passed proposals to increase the cost of residential parking permits, reported Cambridgeshire First.

In total, this would raise an additional £235,000 to the council's budget, which in a time of cuts and restricted spending, would be a welcome addition.

However, there has been some protest from angry residents.
A petition signed by 48 residents was handed in objecting to the increases.

Councillor Nichola Harrison told the newspaper: "What the council can do and what we have to do is make sure those residents are getting a maximum for what they pay - the system needs to work as best as it possibly can."

The council appealed to the residents by saying that the money was going back into the system.

A landowner from St Ives in was recently jailed for not installing safety measures at a car park.

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