Building information modelling (BIM) has become somewhat of a buzzword around the construction sector but adoption in the UK needs to be increased.

This is the opinion of the government's chief construction adviser Peter Hansford who warned that the country risks losing its status as a world leader in architecture if companies fail to utilise BIM. Mr Hansford encouraged more businesses to embrace BIM to help the UK lead the way in adoption of the construction tool or run the risk of being left behind by other countries across Europe and in North America, BD Online reports.

The government adviser said that BIM can help to alleviate a hold up of projects and can ensure that good design ideas get to the client on time. He also advocated the use of a digital design process that he believes can play an integral part in achieving many of the government objectives for the construction sector over the next decade.

Mr Hansford was quoted by the news provider as saying: "A lot of the innovative ideas in the industry come from the lower tiers in the supply chain and because of the way we procure our work it can’t get up to clients.

"We have to find ways of unblocking that. BIM is a major contributor. Through the use of BIM, ideas that come from specialists can form a part of the design at an earlier stage.”

BIM works by giving contractors and architects a digital 3D model of what the building will look like through every step of the construction phase. It allows companies to assess what potential problems could occur during the building process and make amendments before a single brick is laid or the foundation is even broken.

The technology allows projects to stay within budget and ensure that they are delivered on time without the problem of any unforeseen setbacks.

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