Construction companies in the US have taken their use of building information modelling (BIM) a step further by introducing a new standard.

The nationwide groups of BIM users has released new guidelines which covers models for all stages of design and construction. It is aimed at allowing everyone involved in major projects to see detailed plans of how the different building systems are or need to be. Officials believe that it will help to streamline the process of bringing significant building projects to fruition on time and within budget.

BIMForum is the group behind the new standard, which has been developed through an agreement with the American Institute of Architects. Following the specification being completed the BIMForum is now opening the standard up to the entire construction, architecture and design communities and has been encouraging staff to reference the system during BIM agreement and execution plans.

Many construction firms have been adopting BIM into their operations. The technology allows contractors to identify any potential problems that may occur with the building process before a single brick has been laid. Officials believe that it can ensure that many construction projects stay within budget and do not run into huge costs because contractors or designers have not spotted underlying issues.

Dmitri Alferieff, the director of the BIMForum, said: “We want everyone to have the same understanding about how much information should go into each element of a building model, and for what uses those models are suitable. This specification will eliminate much of the confusion that comes with having different expectations for what should be in the models.”

The US has made the first steps to embracing BIM on a widescale basis and Mr Alferieff explained that the new development specifications allow model authors to know how their role is benefiting the overall construction process. They will also be made aware of the value and limitations that the models may have in the long run.

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