A Derbyshire woman says security bollards are needed outside her home following two car crashes in just six months.

According to thisisderbyshire.co.uk, the latest collision involved a motorist skidding in bad weather at a sharp bend, crashing into the garden wall and needing to be freed by the fire service.

Sarah Ollerenshaw said her young daughter had left for school five minutes prior to the incident.

The woman, along with fellow neighbours, are now calling for the installation of security bollards to stop further incidents happening.

"There are pedestrians, ramblers and dog walkers who use this road. It is only a matter of time before someone is killed," she told the news provider.

Councillor Kevin Parkinson also told the news service that lowering the speed limit would also prove effective, "possibly in conjunction with bollards."

However, a spokesperson for the county council said safety signs and chevrons were in place, and were sufficient measures.

Security bollards have been shown to serve a wide range of uses. Last month land in Lancashire that was being used by fly-tippers was protected by bollards.