UK fencing manufacturer and security expert, Jacksons Fencing, is showcasing its wide range of Security Rated products at International Security Expo at Olympia London (3rd-4th December). In addition to displaying our Security Rated fencing range on their stand (K88), our Security Rated fencing will be involved in a live demonstration on each day of the event at the LPCB/BRE Attack Test Zone.

Only products and systems that meet and surpass meticulous standards are awarded LPS 1175 certification. Further, to have items Security Rated (SR) by the LPCB, companies must have obtained the international quality management standard ISO 9001.

Earlier this year, the LPCB announced its update to LPS 1175 with the newly revised Issue 8, defining a new performance classification system that recognises the increasingly diverse relationship between attack tools that a hostile actor might use and attack times. The update is more conducive to supporting a layered approach than previous issues and provides specifiers with greater flexibility when approaching and specifying security solutions.

To achieve a certified LPS 1175 Security Rating, products must pass a rigorous physical test, with the varying standards stipulating the toolset used and a minimum attack time.

Jacksons Fencing has selected a variety of timber and steel fencing, from SR1 to SR3, to be featured in the demonstrations; from its EuroGuard® Combi SR1 and Barbican® SR1fences to its Jakoustic® Class 3 acoustic barrier and UHS Extreme SR3 mesh.

LPCB is running three demonstrations daily, each involving fencing from Jacksons:

Tuesday 3rd December – 4pm

Wednesday 4th December – 1pm