In November 2017, Jacksons Fencing had the opportunity to exhibit at UK Security Expo for the first time.

At London’s Olympia, we demonstrated a wide range of our perimeter security and access control solutions, developed for some of the highest profile recent UK and European projects.

These include the Eurotunnel Complex in Calais, one of the most demanding and technically challenging security situations of recent times, where we have worked for eighteen months to upgrade various security and access control measures following safety concerns in the area.

The upgrades, including the installation of bespoke fencing and gate solutions, have been designed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those attempting to breach security and access routes to the UK, creating a safe perimeter to help prevent injuries and keep Eurotunnel operating efficiently.

Since September 2015, we have installed more than 11.5km of fencing, 7km of double-mesh fencing, 49 double and single leaf gates, 13 specialist automated gates, a cantilever gate, and two gates to secure the tunnel entrances.

At the UK Security Expo, Cris Francis, our Head of Commercial Sales, presented an overview of the unique technical and logistical challenges of the Eurotunnel project, taking the audience through the rapid upgrade of the perimeter security of the site.

Working demonstration models of some of our bespoke solutions were also on display throughout the show, bringing to life the project’s unique challenges and solutions; these included a fully-working bi-folding speed gate, designed to close in a matter of seconds in case of an emergency situation.