Secure Fencing, Gates, and Access Control

Perimeter Security for the Nuclear Sector

We have a wealth of experience providing security fencing and access solutions for nuclear facilities, plants, and sites. All of our fencing and gates come with a 25 year guarantee against rust and corrosion, and feature anti-vandal designs to protect your site from a range of risks, now and well into the future.

Classed as Critical National Infrastructure, nuclear facilities and sites must be secured by the highest level of protection possible to prevent any attempts at forced entry by digging, climbing, or penetration through the barrier, for many reasons including terrorism. Common nuclear sites that require perimeter security solutions include nuclear power stations, weapons production facilities, waste storage, reprocessing, and recycling facilities. Our range of CPNI rated fencing has been used to secure most types of CNI site including nuclear power plants, data centres, and utilities, with options for noise reduction and concealment combined with high security, in addition, our PIDS and hostile vehicle mitigation bollards, barriers, and turnstiles all help to create an integrated security solution for a nuclear power station.

Securing decommissioned nuclear power plants

When a nuclear power plant is no longer needed, it is decommissioned, which means clearing it of fuel, removing the facilities, and restoring the site ready to be used for another purpose. When a nuclear power plant is decommissioned, the owners can use one or both of two options: up to 50 years in a passive state known as SAFSTOR, followed by DECON (decontamination) which takes about 10 years. The entire process must be completed within 60 years. Therefore it can be a very long process to clear the site and make sure left over radiation can safely and naturally decay over time. To facilitate this process, sites need to be strictly secured to prevent trespassing from thrill seekers and opportunists. Vandalism and arson are extremely serious hazards for nuclear power stations and must be prevented at all costs. Our timber fencing and steel fencing come with a 25 year guarantee, that’s not to say it won’t last longer, but that’s the longest guarantee on the market, demonstrating our confidence and trust in the quality and reliability of our products, and providing a cost efficient solution for long term projects.

Example Nuclear Power Station Layout

Nuclear Fencing