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Perimeter Fencing


Standard and Bespoke Options can be Made by Jacksons Craftsman

At Jacksons we manufacture and supply a wide range of high quality perimeter fencing and gates to suit all perimeter types and security requirements. Our in-house team are able to respond to all our customers bespoke requirements to provide the very best perimeter fencing solution.

All Jacksons perimeter fencing comes with a 25 year guarantee.

View our Perimeter Fencing Range

  • Vertical Bar Security Fencing: Our Vertical Bar Security fencing is the ideal solution where the aim is to achieve both perimeter security and pleasing aesthetics. Our vertical bar and railings are suitable for a variety of applications and sectors including; education, residential areas, parks and public spaces.

  • Welded Security Mesh Panels: Constructed from steel wire, our welded security mesh panels are ideal as a perimeter fencing solution. The welded mesh panels are specially designed to be extremely difficult to get a grip on while also being strong enough to withstand forceful attacks.

  • Metal Railings: Metal railings are a popular style of fence for residential areas and parks. The benefit of using metal railings is that they provide perimeter security whilst also being low maintenance and pleasing on the eye.

  • Sports Fencing: Our welded mesh and tubular systems are perfect for a variety of sports perimeter applications. Whether in a domestic, school or sports facility setting our sports fencing ensures participant and spectator safety whilst also being durable, safe, secure and attractive.

  • Rapid Response and In-Stock Solutions: At Jacksons we supply a range of chain link or welded mesh tubular fencing systems or temporary fencing for short term perimeter solutions.

  • Playground Fencing: Security, safety, durability and sustainability are key considerations for school perimeter fencing. Our Playground Fencing and gates have been specially designed for schools and are RosPA approved with no finger traps or sharp edges.

    For added perimeter fence security we have the Jaktronic Perimeter Intruder Detection System (PIDs) which can be used to detect intruders remotely.
  • As an additional security option, there is the ability to add anti climb spikes to our vertical bar perimeter fencing to increase protection against damage, acts of vandalism or terrorism.

    For quotations, Perimeter fence pricing or general guidance please contact our sales department.

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