Sustainability Management Policies at Jacksons Fencing

Jacksons Fencing recognises that sustainability encompasses environmental, economic and social issues. Sustainable business practices are given due consideration at each stage of the manufacturing process and are regularly reviewed to ensure continual improvement. The provision of information and training to employees further ensures the continued future commitment.


This is carried out with a particular emphasis on accuracy of information to ensure that all materials are suitable for the task and measurements are correct to avoid unnecessary waste or returns to site.


The fencing products are designed to specifically meet the requirements of the site. New products and site specific items are designed to maximise the use of raw materials and avoid waste. Where appropriate some products may be designed to be delivered in component form and part assembled on site to reduce the need for additional transportation.


Procurement is carried out in a sustainably responsible manner and careful purchasing of key products ensures that raw materials can be cut without producing waste. Timber products are sourced where specified from well managed forests that are compliant with either the Forest Steward Council (FSC) or Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) schemes. This ensures our client can be confident in the environment credentials of the products. Timber products are treated with a preservative to give a 25 year service life, reducing the need to regularly replace or repair the fencing and ensure the use of raw materials is minimised.


Our fencing products are manufactured to high quality standards with “lean manufacturing” techniques applied to minimise energy use, waste resource and provide continual improvement as well as a “right first time” approach. Off cut timber and similar waste is incinerated in order to recover heat energy and further improve manufacturing efficiency.


The delivery of products is carefully planned to ensure multiple sites can be serviced with the minimum number of vehicles and mileage required. All drivers have undergone fuel efficient driving training. All vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced.


Each installation is planned to be completed in the most efficient manner particularly with regard to time on site and reduction in waste therefore providing a value for money service to the client. All materials used in the installation used in the installation process will be selected to have minimal impact on the local and wider environment.

Each installation will take into account the waste hierarchy and the need to manage this process is both on and off site. All pallets and “A” frames that are used to deliver products to site will be collected by HS Jackson & Son (Fencing) Ltd or approved appointed contractor taking into account the statutory duty of care requirements.