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Browse our range of physical security solutions for publicly accessible locations to prepare and protect against crime and acts of terrorism.

After the Manchester Arena attack and subsequent campaigning by the mother of one of the victims, a consultation was launched in February 2021 which ran until the July. 2755 individuals responded to the survey, and it was found that 7 in 10 respondents agreed or strongly agreed that those responsible for publicly accessible locations should take appropriate and proportionate measures to protect the public from attacks at these locations. Staff should also be prepared on how to respond in the event of a terrorist attack. Terrorist attacks could occur anywhere and in any form, so it’s important that the correct security measures are implemented to best protect people in publicly accessible locations, or even prevent an incident from occurring.

We’ve been manufacturing physical security solutions since the 1980s and we have a wealth of experience and expertise in providing high quality, long-lasting measures, many of which can discreetly fit into any landscape. Browse our most popular solutions for public accessible locations and counter terror security measures below, or alternatively filter by application for our recommended products.

What are PALs?

Publicly Accessible Locations (PALs) are defined by the Government as ‘any place which the public or any section of the public has access’, this could be by payment, by right, or permission. This includes sports and entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, and cafes, and open spaces with no defined boundary, such as parks, squares, beaches, or public roads. Browse our physical security solutions below,

Protecting large entertainment venues

Understanding the key areas of large entertainment venues: stadiums, arenas, concert halls, and festival sites, and the recommended security measures to implement in line with the Protect Duty advice.

The Protect Duty

In February 2021, the government launched a consultation into proposed new anti-terrorism legislation protecting the general public. The Protect Duty, as it’s billed, builds on ‘Martyn’s Law’, legislation campaigned for by the mother of one of the victims of the 2017 Manchester Arena attack. Find out how it impacts PALs.

Securing Places of Worship

A feeling of welcome and safety is essential to any place of worship, and security must be carefully planned and implemented with this in mind in order to provide non-intimidating spaces for people to meet and practise their faith freely and comfortably. Read our advice.

Theme Park Security

With large volumes of people gathering daily at theme parks, they are listed as publicly accessible locations which should incorporate advice from the Protect Duty guidance. We cover the key areas to protect and secure, to also help against accidental and deliberate trespassing and injuries.

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