Evidence from studies increasingly suggests that noise pollution can have a detrimental impact on modern living, from house prices to physical health and wellbeing. The impact of noise is often felt most in busy urban areas or industrial sites, however, there’s a solution to limiting noise and the damage it can cause to physical and mental wellbeing.

First introduced in 2004, our innovative Jakoustic® Reflective barrier has stayed true to its original design, with a natural timber façade that suits all applications, and a flat profile that reflects noise and provides an anti climb, high privacy solution. Jakoustic® Absorptive employs the same design but with an additional mineral fibre layer which absorbs noise. Our 12K Acoustic Envirofence® offers a lightweight, cost-effective solution for gardens and residential properties which meets the normal required specification for mass density. Our innovative and proven Jakoustic® Commercial & Highways system is the first timber acoustic barrier system in the UK to be type tested as compliant to EN 14388:2005 and should be specified when mitigating road noise.

Reducing noise for a redeveloped residential area

135 metres of Jakoustic® Reflective fencing was specified at a redeveloped residential estate in North London to mitigate the nose of traffic, deliveries and day-to-day noise from nearby commercial properties.


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Case Studies

Find inspiration and guidance for your next project from our helpful bank of acoustic case studies.

Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway

Wildlife friendly housing development

At 'Britain's most wildlife-friendly housing development', noise mitigation was required to reduce the noise from nearby roads and an electrical substation.

12K Envirofence®

Reducing noise from a restaurant

40 metres of 2m high 12K Envirofence® was installed to mitigate noise for local residents created by vehicles and visitors to the restaurant.

Jakoustic® Reflective

Cambridge Central Mosque

The £23 million purpose-built mosque designed by Marks Barfield Architects required acoustic fencing to reduce noise for local residents and also create a peaceful environment within the grounds.

Jakoustic® Reflective

Residential housing redevelopment

To mitigate the noise of traffic, deliveries and daily noise from nearby commercial properties, we supplied 135 metres of Jakoustic® Reflective acoustic fencing.