Security fencing is a superb preventative solution that guards against intruder access, acts as a significant deterrent to crime and helps major public installations combat attacks. 

Our security fencing provides a solution for a wide range of residential and commercial applications, whether it’s protecting residences from intrusion or controlling a perimeter of a facility. Additionally, our matching security gates can act as access control points to manage the flow of traffic to and from your premises. 

Security fencing can help you protect properties of all sizes, from protecting high security data centres to offering access control for a large commemorative memorial in a town centre.

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Reducing noise for a redeveloped residential area

135 metres of Jakoustic® Reflective fencing was specified at a redeveloped residential estate in North London to mitigate the nose of traffic, deliveries and day-to-day noise from nearby commercial properties.


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Case Studies

Find inspiration and guidance for your next project from our helpful bank of case studies.

Vertical Bar and Mesh Fencing

Securing Shurgard Self Storage, Greenwich

With over 12,000m2 of space, Shurgard required a secure perimeter fencing and gate solution to keep assets safe and provide reliable access control.

Featherboard Fencing

Quinn Estates Choose Featherboard for Housing Development

Featherboard fencing and gates was installed in the gardens of five luxury homes, part of a wider restoration project of an engine shed in Sandwich, Kent.

Euroguard® Regular

Providing Perimeter Solutions for Portsmouth Retail Park

3m high mesh fencing was installed around the perimeter of storage and delivery areas to help keep them safe and secure.

Securi-Mesh Plus SR2

Balancing Security and Aesthetics for KAO Data Centre

The £200 million state-of-the-art data centre required a robust and extensive high security solution, our SR2 Securi-Mesh and Bi-Folding Speed Gates delivered an appropriate and effective answer