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Security Gate Locks

Gate Locks

No perimeter security fencing and gate solution is complete without gate locks to ensure entrances are controlled in some way, whether it's by key or electronic system, it's important to secure all access points.

We supply several types of gate lock suitable for steel gates that can be used for single or double leaf manual gates.

Slide Latch

  • Slide latch within construction of gate frame
  • Slide latch 340mm long x 50 x 10mm
  • Light weight option with encapsulated slide latch to prevent finger trapping for light weight or residential application
  • Galvanised as standard, can be polyester powder coated to match gate colour

Key Lock

  • Key operated
  • Easy left or right changing of the self-latching bolt
  • Throw of 25mm in one turn of the key
  • Deadbolt facility

Mechanical Digital Lock

  • 100% mechanical: No battery or electricity required
  • Operational code panel on both sides / 1 sided available
  • Possible to work with different entrance and exit codes
  • Equipped with aluminium dust and rain covers
  • Automatic code reset after opening by means of the handle
  • Anti-code detection with integrated security press plate

Push Pad Latch

  • For areas not accessed by the public where panic is not foreseen
  • Suitable for push face outward opening doors
  • Non-handed for maximum flexibility

Electric Strike Lock

  • Extremely strong and user friendly design
  • Voltage: 12v AC/DC
  • Consumption 1.5A
  • Water resistant, weatherproof

Magnetic Latch

  • Uses magnetic technology
  • Vertical pull option available
  • Extended vertical pull option available
  • Side pull option available

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