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Barbed Tape and Wire

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Jacksons offers a nationwide installation service for all of its products. All installation team personnel have undergone the relevant comprehensive professional training and are suitably qualified and accredited under the CSCS certification scheme.

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Barbed Wire and Tape - Security Topping

A range of galvanised barbed tape and razor wire is available to further enhance perimeter security in different applications whether as a fence and gate topping or in drop zones.

Barbed Wire range:

Concertina barbed tape dimensions

Also known as Razor wire can be straight run like barbed wire, concertina like a slinky spring or flat wrap which looks like a slinky spring run over by a roller.

 Diameter (mm)
Diameter when stretched
Approx. coil length (m)
 450mm 400mm
 730mm  620mm  10 - 12m
 950mm  820mm  12- 15m

Rolls of flat barbed tape dimensions

Coil Height
Approx. coil length
 900mm  14

Barbed wire roll dimensions

Approx roll length
 2 1.7mm

Barbed Tape and Wire

About Jacksons

Jacksons Security Fencing are at the forefront of high security fencing for any environment. Whether you require sports fencing through to intruder deterrent and detection around commercial properties, we can provide a reliable security fencing solution for you.

With over 60 years experience of providing fencing and access solutions, our unrivalled expertise allows us to offer the right solutions for almost any given fencing and access application in virtually every given circumstance.

Whatever your security fencing requirement, Jacksons Commercial has the solution to meet your metal fencing needs.

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