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Solar Farm Fencing

Solar Farm Chain link fencing

Solar farm fencing, perimeter security and access

In recent years, solar farms have been a fast growing renewable resource due to their low carbon footprint and the government drive in producing renewable energy.Mesh solar farm fencing

After planning acceptance, previously solar farm installation was a quick process, with the importance of protecting costly and expensive solar equipment and perimeter security to keep out trespassers frequently ignored.

This lack of security has seen an increase in solar farm thefts, with bills running into thousands of pounds due to the damage caused and loss of income due to disruptions. Commonly when one set of solar cells is damaged or stolen it affects the whole row and reduces the power output significantly.

The change in priorities when installing a solar farm has had an effect on the type of fencing used, originally stakes and stock fencing with agricultural gates were a common perimeter fence type. As security become more of a priority, mesh fencing styles were utilised and now security fencing and access control is generally specified.

Please view our products below, often supplied and installed around solar farms:

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