Over the years, we have worked with many theme parks, zoos and tourist attractions, manufacturing fencing and designing bespoke solutions for the likes of Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Alton Towers, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Dreamland.

According to the Government Health and Safety Executive guide on fairgrounds and amusement parks, daily checks around the park include ensuring that all fences and barriers are in place and in good condition. Fencing that has a long guarantee will mean more time can be focused on the essential and regular maintenance and repair of rides, rather than spending efforts replacing fencing that has fallen into disrepair.

Preventing unauthorised Access

There are many dangerous areas within theme parks, and the HSE guide states that a “risk assessment should identify appropriate control measures such as barriers, railings, fencing and guarding.” Furthermore, it states that: “providing a suitable barrier is often the most effective way of preventing access to danger areas or dangerous parts.”

Mesh fencing and vertical bar solutions are excellent for preventing access to dangerous areas such as machinery and moving parts. Both types of fencing offer high visibility which is essential for spotting potential issues, while their anti-climb properties prevent unauthorised access.

For the more popular, thrilling rides, pedestrian guard rail works well in queues, deterring people from queue-jumping and disrupting other guests, while its flat-top design still ensures a comfortable environment.

Temporary fence panels are quick and easy to install and are useful for events such as firework displays to create off-limit areas, or provide additional queuing space on busy days.

For a more detailed overview of the different areas and fence types for theme parks, read our blog post.

Timber Fencing Solutions

Timber fencing can be used throughout the park to provide non-intimidating boundaries that serve a variety of purposes. Post and Rail offers a great solution for queues and walkways, safely guiding people in the desired direction.

Knee rail fencing offers an attractive solution for deterring people from walking over flowerbeds, while timber verge protection marker posts can be used in areas with vehicular access such as car parks and safaris.

Bin stores and EuroGuard® Combi fence panels screen off unsightly bins and keep the park looking tidy. Lockable gates also provide security and deter the risk of arson.

children's play zones

Designed specifically with child friendly properties, RoSPA approved Anti Trap Bow Top and Playtime® Timber fencing can be used around children’s areas in theme parks to provide safe boundaries without the risk of children getting their limbs or necks trapped between the pales. Available in short heights, these fences provide safe enclosures that keep children safe but also allow parents and guardians to easily supervise from a suitable distance. The optional polyester powder coating can make targeted areas more appealing and visible.

Noise Reduction

In 2004, a couple living next door to a theme park won a 25 year battle to reduce the noise of screams coming from the theme park. Acoustic fencing can help to mitigate noise pollution, quietening sound levels by up to 32 decibels; 8dB below the 40dB permitted noise level ordered upon the popular theme park.

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