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V Mesh Fencing

V mesh fencing is the generic name given to welded mesh panels that have a V shape within their profile. Wire strands are welded together with horizontal V beams pressed into the panel to create a rigid, anti climb mesh fence. The V shape creates tension in the panel increasing rigidity and strength.

Where most V mesh fencing is simply galvanised, our V mesh panels are Galfan zinc alloy coated for exceptional corrosion resistance. Zinc alloy coating is more ductile and has enhanced cracking resistance, therefore improving weldability and formability properties which are essential for V mesh fencing due to the reinforced V profiles. On top of the zinc alloy coating, there is the option to add an additional polyester powder coating in a range of premium colours.

All our V mesh fencing is guaranteed for 25 years as standard.

V mesh fencing solutions

Many fencing manufacturers have different brand names for V mesh fencing, at Jacksons, EuroGuard Regular is our standard V mesh fencing which features 200 x 45mm mesh with 5mm wires and 3-4 folds according to height. EuroGuard Extra is also a V mesh fence, with a smaller mesh pattern of 200 x 30mm that is unique to Jacksons, and results in narrower apertures. Both panels have unique vandal-proof panel to post fixings, and panels that overlap onto posts to prevent large gaps between panels and posts.


Other welded mesh fencing

We have a wide range of other types of mesh fencing including 358 prison mesh, double skin mesh, 868, 656, or flatform mesh panels, and steel and timber combination mesh fencing. Browse the full range here.

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