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Why do schools need acoustic fencing?

Acoustic sound reducing fence

Why do schools need acoustic fencing?

Ridiculous as it seems, complaints abound about school noise and the press is full of reports about schools cancelling breaks and hard ball games to avoid a noise abatement order. One school was even investigated after claims that children were laughing too loudly …

Schools are required to service the education needs of a community, so this necessitates the siting of a school within relative close proximity to a residential area. In a large number of cases, the school’s existence may predate the arrival of housing in a given location. Given that most schools average a minimum of four times a day when the student population will be in the grounds of the school building, it is easy to appreciate that the level of noise generated by a large group of children can sometimes prove unacceptable to local residents.  Increasingly, in the interest of retaining positive relations within the neighbourhood a school may consider introducing a perimeter fence which provides additional noise reduction qualities.  The installation of an acoustic fence may also enhance pupil learning by reducing the distraction of incoming ambient noise.

Effective sound protection

Jacksons Jakoustic acoustic fencing have been independently proven to reduce noise by up to 50% and are accredited by Quiet Mark, the international mark of approval award programme from the UK Noise Abatement Society.  

Aesthetic appeal

The timber façade of Jakoustic delivers an aesthetically pleasing choice of boundary fence which will blend with a school’s local landscape and be acceptable to staff, pupils and local residents. However, schools can be reassured that in addition to the smart timber exterior, Jakoustic represents a tough and durable perimeter fence with anti climb features designed to maintain a superior standard of privacy.  In a climate where child protection remains such a critical issue, it is worth noting that a Jakoustic fence will provide a highly effective screen rendering it impossible for unwanted visitors to gain visual access to school pupils.

Lasting legacy

Increasingly schools are required to observe the need for sustainable solutions to purchasing needs and the 25-year guarantee associated with all Jacksons timber products demonstrates the company’s commitment to the environment. 


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