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Perimeter Security for Schools: Reducing Visibility, Increasing Privacy and Security

Privacy is an extremely important aspect to consider in schools, heavily influencing pupil safety and the security of assets within the grounds. A school requires an effective perimeter security solution which incorporates privacy to enhance the learning environment, reduce crime, protect students and keep intruders out.

Reducing Lines of Sight

Reducing lines of sight into the grounds is increasingly a priority for schools. A recent study reported over 30,000 crimes had taken place in schools in one year, with theft and burglary being the most common offences.

A well-designed fence or a combination of fencing with trees and other foliage around the perimeter of a school premises will prevent line of sight into classrooms and school buildings, deterring criminals before they even attempt to breach the site to damage property. It also protects school assets, such as computers, projectors and sports equipment, from the eyes of opportunistic thieves.

Protecting Pupils

It is also important to ensure that young students are protected from potential dangers around school grounds such as busy roads; properly planned perimeter fencing and access control can help to control the flow of cars, creating a safer environment.

A crucial aspect of safeguarding pupils is preventing strangers from interacting with them. Installing solid fence panels such as Euroguard® Combi or combining a mesh or vertical bar fencing system with trees and foliage will keep unauthorised visitors and stray animals away from the playground, ensuring invaluable privacy. Access control points can be strategically placed to direct those coming in and out of the school and monitor people-flow more effectively.

Limiting Noise

Perimeter fencing can also reduce privacy and noise pollution, both for the people within the school and members of the public outside; this is especially important if the school is in a residential area to avoid committing statutory noise nuisance. If noise is a particular issue in a school – for example, if there are large generators within the site – then specifiers should consider acoustic fencing.

Choosing the Right Product

When specifying perimeter fencing for schools, it’s important to consider the look of the barrier to match the style of the school buildings. An intelligently designed fence should strike the right balance between high security and aesthetic appeal; a school that looks like a fortress would be unwelcoming for pupils, staff and visitors.

To deter anti-social behaviour, fencing and gates should reach a minimum height of 1.8m, while an additional precaution would be to use fencing certified to LPS 1175 Security Rating 1 (SR1).

To discuss your school’s security requirements or book a comprehensive site survey, contact Jacksons Fencing for dedicated, expert advice.

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Date: 31/05/2018 08:58:00

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