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Protecting Critical National Infrastructure and Utilities Sites

In a series of industry-focussed papers, we have been sharing expert tips, insight and guidance on a range of industry topics. The previous guide tackled the topic of Security Ratings; this one analyses, and offers solutions to, the many challenges involved in securing Critical National Infrastructure and Utilities sites (CNI/U).

CNI/U sites are crucial to the running of a country; and include sites such as, transport systems, data centres and power plants. To ensure these sites are secure, a comprehensive security strategy must be deployed, balancing the safety of personnel, with comprehensive security solutions such as CPNI approved or LPS 1175 Security Rated fencing and gates.

Our guide explores the various security threats critical infrastructure sites face and how strategies such as the 5 D’s of perimeter security can be used to combat these threats, alongside certified and approved solutions.

Click here to download your free copy now of ‘Securing Critical National Infrastructure and Utilities’.

Date: 10/08/2018 10:14:00

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