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Why do schools need acoustic fencing?


At any school, there will be times during the day when the student population will be outdoors, whether this is before and after lessons, at lunchtime, or during PE. But with many schools located in populated areas, it’s important to consider the impact noise may have on a school’s neighbours ? and how privacy can be provided for the children enjoying fresh air in the grounds.

Acoustic fencing is the ideal solution, reducing noise for both students and the public, improving concentration and minimising disruption. So what benefits can acoustic fencing bring to your school?


Available in a range of heights, acoustic fencing provides a high level of privacy, along with enhanced security (especially when used with other perimeter security solutions) ? perfect for an education site


Made from wood, acoustic fencing often has a low lifetime cost; Jacksons’ acoustic fences even have a 25 year guarantee


Acoustic fencing is fast to install and provides a more natural, less intimidating appearance than some fencing styles

Considering installing acoustic fencing for your school site? It’s important to discuss your needs with a reliable manufacturer, who can work with you to find a high quality solution. Think about the source of the noise (whether in or outside school) in terms of its location, intensity, and frequency, as this will determine the density and height of your acoustic fencing ? and the degree of reflection or absorption required.

Find out more about how acoustic fencing can benefit a school? read our Barnfield South Academy case study here

Date: 16/02/2017 15:14:00

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